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Welcome to the Unklepedia Wiki. It is here that brave Nieces and Nephews attempt to chronicle the life and times of Curtis "Unkle" Adams, his exploits, endeavours, arcs, characters, and multiple timelines, as well as those of his lifeblood and nemesis; Unkle Adams OriginalPosting.

Those of you who venture into the Wiki to simply gain a deeper understanding of the man and his mind are more than welcome to the fruits of our research.

If you are interested in seeing all the pages this wiki has to offer, click here. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, click here to see a list of incomplete pages that need to be written about.

Those of you who contribute however, will be forever remembered in the halls of history, for your courage and service on the way to Singularity.

Separation of Lore

In order to keep both previous lore and real-world canon lore intact, the wiki has been split into the Prime Unkleverse, where all canon related to events in the Facebook group Unkle Adams OriginalPosting occur, and Unkleverse-164000, where all previous lore exists. The reasoning behind this separation of lore is to maintain what already exists, while establishing a rectified history upon which new nieces and nephews can learn about historical events that have transpired since the inception of the group.

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